Our Roadmap

The FBPML is committed to continuously improving the Best Practices by empowering the community. What can be expected from the Best Practices and the Foundation going forward?

The Roadmap

Best Practices ecosystem -

  • Continuously: Improvement of the Best Practices;

  • Continuously: Ever more supporting material such as situation-specific implementation advice;

  • Short-term: Taking full advantage of Wiki functionality for a better user experience, including cross-referencing and indexing; and

  • Medium-term: Building custom Best Practices back-end to enable advanced integrations, querying and user experience.

The Foundation -

  • Continued championing of ethical and responsible machine learning;

  • Supporting and empowering our community;

  • Engaging in community and industry specific outreach; and

  • Applying for grants to support the maintenance of our services and development of the above. Any grants received will be publicised and spending accurately accounted and itemised publicly on a dedicated subpage of this website.