The Wiki portal is the community hub and serves as a platform to contribute to the Best Practices and supporting materials.

The Wiki portal contains the same Best Practices as the releases on this website, but the Wiki versions also have the latest community contributions added to them. Anyone can submit, view and/or discuss contributions on our Wiki at all times: it is the community hub. Contributions will be officially incorporated periodically into the releases.

The Wiki portal also serves as a platform to find and contribute supporting materials to the Best Practices. These might take form of examples, or shared experiences, or specialised guides.

The community on Wiki

As the community hub, the Wiki portal is also the place for the community to meet and to have discussions about the Best Practices in general.

Like any Wiki, every page also has a discussion section, but in addition to this the FBPML also has a Forum on the Wiki that can be used for discussions of the Best Practices or the Foundation in general, or discussions about topics related to ethical and responsible machine learning.

Contributing to the Best Practices

The Best Practices are open-source and community driven. This means that you can contribute to them too. New best practices can be proposed and existing ones edited.

Contributions can be made through the Wiki portal, where they will be available for everyone to see and discuss. These updates will be periodically reviewed and incorporated into the next release of the Best Practices on the website.

Please find the full Contribution Guide and community guidelines on the Wiki.

Note that if you do contribute to our Best Practices, you accede that your work will be transferred to The Foundation for Best Practices in Machine Learning so that we can, subsequently, license it under the Create Common Attribution license in order to make it freely available to all. Should you have any further questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us.